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Someone recently tweeted asking : “And there are those who scored 100 points in Flappy Bird?”. The maximum number of points in the responses did not exceed the 20 – and eight-bit game about a duck again became popular. Although the statement is not entirely true , because at all times , from which emerged in the release version of the product , it has already been called the most difficult game to beat several devices and download a huge number of times. But fortuanly we have Hack and Cheats for Flappy Bird at our site, so you can use it freely! And something tells us that not all devices it was delayed for more than 5 minutes.

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Flappy Bird Gane

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But it all begins quite simply – the whole tutorial is only one picture , explaining that the tap is responsible for bouncing off or birds up without this it will simply fall . And then you should definitely try to offer the ability to apply in practice , where the duck will fly through the pillars , rising on both sides of the location, and absolutely nothing can touch . Any touch to finish no matter what element your gaming session – and if the first time you will be able to score at least 4 points, then you are either a genius , or possess an incredible reaction. This is working only in official version. You can have Hack and Cheats for Flappy Bird which you can download below to play for accurately.


The whole essence of the game is , perhaps, a little deception and psychologically very thoughtful move. Not immediately say that the distance between the pillars in the game is the double tapa / soaring birds . In fact it turns out that if you click on the screen once, when oriented to the upper edge of the lower pillar obstacle you uniquely spans. Unfortunately, many players are afraid to hit it on the lower pole, and hammered a few tens ( and perhaps hundreds ) strategy of ” hold down the middle ,” exacerbates the situation , because the soaring once with the center you are sure will touch the bottom of the upper column. Therefore, the first 50 attempts ( and maybe more) worth spending an understanding of this side of the game – you need to ” zero in “. By the way , do not try to pick up a certain position for the entry in the first column – the location of obstacles varies with each new launch .


Of course , you can argue about how good I get a game or not. But how to properly noticed by many gaming publications, for a couple of starts , you will experience an incredibly large number of different emotions that may well contradict each other. By the way, before you – yet another example of how kommyuniti affect the popularity of games , here only about duck pillars beats , and how much noise and genuine interest ! Incidentally, the lowest score ( 4) in the App Store turned out just because a particularly nerve agents after another loss put the game deuce or unit , keep in mind .

The essence of the game Flappy Bird is to overcome the distance between the tubes funny yellow bird. If you frequently touch on the screen of your device bird will gain height , and after you stop pressing – it will fall .

Game at the beginning of 2014 already won millions of fans and iOS now available on Android devices.

WARNING: take care of your nerves and do not play if you are very hot-tempered :)

The success of this simple arcade in her hardcore . Do not often see an application that is so addictive and lets sit for a long time for the phone.
At first glance it seems flap Byrd fairly simple , but play it a few minutes you realize that score big points very, very difficult .

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